Information Sheet For Museum Donations


Information Sheet for Donations

Jasper County Museum


Thank you for your interest in making a donation to the museum. The Museum will continue to improve with additions of items telling the history and lifestyles of those who have lived in Jasper County.


Unfortunately we cannot accept all donations.  The Friends of the Museum will review your item/s considering such things as duplication, condition, relevance to the community and time period, and display requirements.   You will be contacted if the item/s are not accepted.  Again, thanks for your consideration.

                                                          Friends of the Jasper County Museum



Name and description of item: (Including History) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Background information about the item and its owner/s :  


(Feel free to use the back side of the paper for additional information.)


It is my desire to donate the item described to the Jasper County Museum .   I understand that all donated items become the property of the museum.

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              (date)                                                            (signature of donor)



Donor’s  name_________________________________________________


Address ______________________________________________________


Phone _______________________ Email __________________________